Why do your recipes produce such small amounts of product?

My formulations are designed for personal use, and as such, the scale matches.

With body products, a little goes a long way. Unlike with cooking, where a cup of rice or oatmeal isn’t that much food, a cup of body butter will quite literally last you months. Think about how long it takes you to use up a single tube of lip balm—that’s just 4.5g of product! So a 20g batch of lip balm will make 4–5 tubes of lip balm, and that’s a lot of lip balm, even if 20g really isn’t that much of anything in the grand scheme of things.

Also—when you are bitten hard by the DIY bug (like me!), you’ll grow to appreciate small batch sizes. It allows you try out lots of projects without rapidly filling your house with utterly unusable quantities of everything you make. That helps reduce waste and ensures you never make too much of anything you might not love. When you try a new cookie recipe you wouldn’t make a 500 cookie batch, so the same goes here 🙂

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