Chocolate chip cookies are something pretty much everyone thinks they can make. When it comes to quality, chocolate chip cookies can be anything from a chalky lump with specks of chocolate to pure bliss.

Most bakeries can make a fairly decent chocolate chip cookies, but very few can make one that will knock you over and decide that nothing in life could ever be more enjoyable than that specific cookie, warm from the oven. Apparently New York is full of bakeries that produce cookies like that, but for those of us that live in not New York, we’re a wee bit out of luck.

Fortunately, for those of us living elsewhere, The New York Times has devised a recipe that means you can make your own knee-shakingly delicious chocolate chip cookies at home. They consulted with all of the best cookie experts and developed a recipe that’s an amazing hybrid of every excellent chocolate chip cookie recipe from New York. And they got it down perfectly.

The recipe is unique in a few ways. Instead of using all purpose flour, it uses a blend of cake (soft/low gluten) and bread (hard/high gluten) flour. This creates the perfect gluten level, giving you a perfectly chewy, yet tender, cookie.

The recipe also calls for the aging of the dough. This allows the gluten to relax and the dough to fully absorb the moisture. This gives the dough the most amazing caramel-y flavour. It elevates the dough from a simple chocolate chip binding agent to an amazing flavour explosion. Chewy, caramel-y, tender, sweet flavour explosion. Yummy. The recipe says 36 hours minimum, 3 days at most. They’re right.

Check out the New York Times website for the recipe. It’s perfection.