Clean Dreams Pillow Mist

Maria sent in a request for this lovely essential oil powered pillow mist, and I just loved the sound of it. The original was designed to help prevent breakouts caused by a dirty pillowcase, but with its lovely blend of essential oils, it’ll also help lull you into a citrus-scented sleep in no time.

15-01-26-pic11 15-01-26-pic07


Christmas Eve Pillow Mist

While I was dreaming up this year’s Christmas projects, I really loved the idea of a Christmas Eve Pillow Mist—something you could spritz over your bed before crawling between the sheets and listening for reindeer on the roof. I decided to give it a bit of a twist, though, and stray a touch from the typical Christmas scent blends.



Holiday Infuser Blends

I adore the smells of the holidays—Christmas trees, holiday baking, cocoa, and woodsmoke. I formulated these scent blends around my favourite winter memories, from picking out a Christmas tree to spending the entire weekend in the kitchen making pies and cookies. I’m loving them in my Saje Aroma Cloud ultrasonic diffuser these days.



Simple Bandits Salve

Bandits oil is a fantastic all-purpose essential oil blend to have around. It’s a powerful anti-bacterial/anti-viral/anti-fungal/anti-everything, it smells great, and it’s really quite inexpensive to whip up a thieving little bottle of your own. This simple bandits salve is a fantastic way to incorporate it into everyday life, and it’s just as easy to make as the oil blend itself.

14-08-30-pic08 14-08-30-pic03


World Travel Inspired Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Traveling is downright addictive, and I’ve got a serious case of wanderlust. One of my favourite things in the world is stepping off an airplane and smelling the air in a new place for the first time. It’s never the nicest smelling air I’ll come across on the trip, but it’s my first impression, and if we’re being honest, anything is nice after hours of recycled airplane air.


Anyhow, in an attempt to assuage my wanderlust, I’ve devised five world travel inspired scent blends to use in my Saje Aroma Cloud ultrasonic diffuser. They’re inspired by cities and landscapes from all over the world—some I’ve visited and some I’m still just dreaming of. I hope you enjoy them as much as I am.