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    I don’t know what’s happening to my lotions… every single batch of hand lotion I’ve carefully weighed and measured and followed Marie’s recipes, have gone moldy, despite the addition of Liquid Germall Plus.

    This has happened since we moved to our new house.

    In the winter I thought I understood that it was because it was too hot for my shelving to be up against a radiator. But even with the heat off, it is still happening.

    My oils all smell fine, I use distilled water, I’ve even sterilized the jars I use.

    Is it possible for preservatives to stop working? I’ve had this batch for at least 2 years. Strangely, my face cleanser lotion that I add aloe vera to, has never turned moldy and it’s been in the exact same spot as the hand lotion.

    The other thing about the hand lotion is that I put it in two-cup canning jars with a pumper top. Is it the air? I’ve even put it in a coated jar, wondering if the light is somehow getting into it.

    What do you think? I’m about ready to give up all together… and yet I adore making my own products.


    Am I understanding correctly that you’ve had your preservative for 2 years? If so, yes, it may have expired. Liquid Germall Plus has a shelf of 12-24 months depending on where you check (but most say 24months). Try getting a new bottle and starting over.


    Thank you! I looked on the site where I got it but there was no mention of expiry. I will get some new liquid germall plus!


    I think your problem might not just be related to your preservative expiring but also in your reusing of containers. You mentioned, “The other thing about the hand lotion is that I put it in two-cup canning jars with a pumper top“, pumpies are ridiculously hard to properly clean out between uses that most people don’t even both with it and just replace them each go because they are notorious for not being able to be cleaned properly.
    Marie posted this link about it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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