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    I am finally getting around to creating a foundation.
    My first batch and for practice I made the Marie color blend, not my skin tone color a good 1/2 shades to dark and definitely to red for me.
    My skintone is fair and almost medium-ish with my now fading tan. My undertone is neutral to slightly warm.
    My second batch the color blend I did was 7/32 yellow oxide and 1/64 red oxide. Trying this powder on was much better, but maybe a little to pale for me.
    I like wearing liquid foundation as oppose to powder, cause my skin is prone to flaky and dry patches.
    I mixed a little of my second batch powder and equal argan oil. When I applied it I found it to be very skiddy and the color was very chalky it looked and felt like I was wearing a mineral sunscreen.

    I am wondering if I should omit or lessen the amount of the Zinc Oxide and up the amount of titanium dioxide? Or is there another powder can I use?
    My previous liquid foundation had Kaolin clay, would this be a good substitute or would it be to drying?
    I searched Allantoin powder is a humectant would that work?


    I’m surprised there aren’t more posts about this – actually it looks like this blog has been sleeping which is so sad. I also have major problemss getting that exact right shade for my face. I either end up lookng like a flashlight or an umpa lumpa!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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