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    I’ve had problems posting so I do hope this topic shows up when I buy Submit.

    The eye shadow!
    As much as I love the foundation, maybe I love the shadow base more?
    Like the foundation, no powder fluff when I open and tap some out. My lungs thank you.
    Like the foundation, it LASTS till I wash it off at night. Again, I’m still in the weirded out stage of seeing perfect eyes at midnight instead of looking like some girl whose been chased through the woods in a horror flick. Which is what I used to look like at midnight.
    No crease line.
    Soft and creamy but dry. Good job on that formulation!

    I love it. LOVE it.


    YAY!!! I tested this recipe SO. MUCH. Holy cow haha. I wanted something that didn’t need primer not to turn into a disastrous mess ’cause I’m lazy as all get-out 😛 And thank heaven for boron nitride, ’cause some of the oil absorbing ingredients in there can make things a bit skiddy—but boron nitride saves the day! 🎉

    I am so, so, so thrilled you are loving it! YAY! Thank you for sharing 😄


    Huzzah! I know! The eye shadow refused to wash off the back of my hand till I got a scrub brush and went to town.

    Cristie what colours did you end up making?


    Well, it’s an honest review! I do dab my eyes with that special ingredient you mentioned in your book. You know the one. I also added a pinch of that ingredient in your finishing powder because I have a large baggie of it. Come to think of it, I have an awful lot of white powder baggies around here lately! Good thing they’re labeled with professional sounding words.

    Penny, I opted for the brown and a very light mica that’s a soft lavender. But it’s not really lavender or blue at all. I don’t know what to call it. I love the color but not straight on my eyes. It’s pretty neutral now since adding to the base. And it fits my non glamorous lifestyle. Now when I know Fed Ex is coming or its Monday trash pick up, I’m full face 😀 .When I take the time to learn how to upload photos, I shall do it. I love seeing other people’s pictures, so keep them coming.


    Me too! I can’t wait to see other people’s creations!


    I haven’t been inventing new shadow colors because I’m correcting about 30 shadows I bought years ago from a mineral makeup company.
    The shadows, at least a long time ago, I swear are nothing more than mica and titanium. Well, I’m fixing that by adding them to Marie’s base recipe. And it’s working and I’m so happy.


    Christie, what a great way to “recycle”! I love seeing ideas like this!


    I’m waiting for Christie’s pictures! I’m keen to see the grey!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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