The world has decided that faces are important, and I guess I’ve been suckered into the notion. These are some things that make my face happy—hopefully something here might make your face happy, too.

1. Green Clay Masks

Clay masks are amazing. They suck all sorts of crap out of your face. It’s amazing how smooth your face and pores feel after a good clay mask and solid moisturizing blast. Awesome.

2. Argan Oil

Argan Oil is incredible. It absorbs into your skin in a heartbeat, making it smooth and happy. It releases that horrible tight feeling in your face that seems to stalk facial epidermis all winter long. And it’s full on Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada) so blemishes and what not heal much faster. Brilliant.

3. Oil Cleanse

You can read more about the oil cleanse method (OCM) here. I like to use a mixture of 85% apricot kernel oil, 13% castor oil (USA / Canada), and then a final 2% of a mixture of sea buckthorn seed oil and tamanu oil. I finish it off with a few drops of lavender and tea tree essential oil. It makes my face happy.

4. Polysporin

Zits are mean. And I’m not very nice to them, which generally makes them rear their ugly little heads and fight dirty. Polysporin fixes that. It’s nice.

5. Eyelash curler

Curled eyelashes do a lot for a face. It’s a nice change that just opens up your eyes.

6. Evening Primrose Oil

Rich in linoleic and gamma linoleic acid, Evening Primrose Oil has helped my skin clear up SO MUCH. I can’t recommend it enough.

7. Baking soda

When my face needs a nice exfoliation, baking soda (USA / Canada) is what I turn to. It’s nice and mild, and does a great job of getting rid of errant dead skin cells.

8. Blush

Nice pink cheeks make me look healthy(ish), especially during the winter when the only colour my skin has is where former bouts of frostbite flare up.

9. Water

Hydration is good for you. </lecture>

10. Sleep

Under-eye baggies are pretty ugly, and it’s much easier to go straight to the source of the problem. I aim for about 9 hours a night. Everyone has different sleep requirements, so just know what you need, and then make getting it a priority.