Orzo, Tomato, & Asparagus Salad

This pasta salad just might be perfection. Light, delicious, good hot or cold, and brilliant as leftovers. It comes together quickly, making it a great offering at a last minute summer potluck or picnic.



Broccoli & Boursin Salad

‘Tis the season for New Years Resolutions. For many that means finding new recipes for food that will support their new, über-healthy diet. One of the biggest downfalls of a new diet is falling back into delicious old habits, which is so easy to do when everything new you’re eating tastes awful. That’s where this awesome broccoli salad comes in. It’s healthy, it’s delicious, and it’s easily made with ingredients that are in season in the dead of a Canadian winter.



Pecans in Spiced Caramel

I’ve been making these delicious pecans for so long that I can’t believe I’ve never shared them here before. I was waxing poetic about them to a friend, and they asked (likely a bit humorously) if the recipe was on my blog. I had to say it wasn’t. Well, it’s about time to remedy that, and what better time than Christmas, as these tasty nuts are so good on salads and desserts?

13-12-20-pic02 13-12-20-pic06


Hot Kale & Buckwheat Salad

I invented this salad on the fly one night when I was having impromptu company for dinner. The original plan was to make a fresh kale salad reminiscent of something I had this summer at a potluck… only, the kale really wasn’t tender enough to eat raw. I sampled some with my dinner companion and we both frowned and agreed that neither of us had enough in common with a rabbit to eat a bowl of it without some cooking.

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Avocado, Tomato, and Balsamic Salad

My favourite poem is a great one by Frank O’Hara. I’ve got it posted by my bed, mostly memorized from reading it so frequently. And that first line—”Light   clarity    avocado salad in the morning”—well, I’m pretty sure this is the avocado salad he was talking about. It’s lovely bright, creamy, rich, and flavourful. Best made with fresh, in-season tomatoes (I’m honestly not sure I’d bother otherwise). It’s perfect for late summer and fall. I love it on toast with some chèvre, or with my eggs in the morning.

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Amazing BBQed Vegetables

One of the best parts about spending a week at my cottage is enjoying all the delicious salads and veggie dishes that my aunt and grandmother keep in their regular rotation. This year I enjoyed some fantastic salads, but these fantastic roasted vegetables took first place by a mile. They’re tender and smokey, with a fantastic dash of high quality balsamic vinegar that brings everything together in a delicious, tangy burst of deliciousness.

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