I’d heard rumors of virgin coconut oil. Of an oil so fragrant with the scent of the tropics that it was almost unbelievable. I had coconut oil in massive 4L quantities for soap making, but this stuff wasn’t the good stuff, it was the soaping stuff. So I remained intrigued. And when NDA started carrying virgin coconut oil last month, I ordered myself a kilo in an instant.

How to Make Coconut Body Butter

And oh my. This oil does not disappoint. It is beautiful. It smells like summer and a piña colada, and makes me desperately homesick for the beaches of Australia and Fiji. It is beautifully light, sinking into the skin quickly, but can also be used as a tropically minded massage oil (just add wave noises, I suppose).

How to Make Coconut Body Butter

As soon as I opened the tub and got my first whiff of coconutty goodness, my imagination began to run wild. Oh, the things I could do with something so delicious.

The first thing I did was mash a few teaspoons of the oil up with a drop of cold pressed lime essential oil, which isn’t phototoxic if used below 0.7%. The combination smelled of delicious rum-laced beverages. But I needed more.

How to Make Coconut Body Butter

I easily settled on a body butter. Something creamy and fragrant. Something that would let the scent if the oil shine. Something thoroughly tropical, inspired by white sand beaches and cloudless skies. Something that could help me forget the somewhat eternal hell of winter.

I would definitely add some baobab oil, for it’s light floral scent, and some kukuinut oil, used for centuries by natives in Hawaii to protect their hair and skin from the sun.

Coconut Body Butter

80g | 2.8soz virgin coconut oil
13g | 0.46oz beeswax
10g | 0.35oz kuikuinut oil
5g | 0.17oz baobab oil

Gently melt everything together in a small saucepan, keeping a careful eye on everything.

Pour into shallow tins, let cool, and enjoy!

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