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    Vanessa, pop over to the thread called Essential Mineral Makeup under Make It Up: Show & Tell. There’s quite a few blending tips in that thread that may help you out with the color. And yes, I think you are supposed to use the whole base. That is my understanding and I did it that way when I created my base powder.


    Happiness is creativity. I blame Marie fully. So, one thing I’ve discovered is hemisqualane. It’s like squalane but more like the cones but made from sugar and water soluble. More, they’re lightweight and when it sinks in, it dries to a silky powdery finish. So, I created a foundation/concealer that’s so light, you could even use it as a primer. Yeah, it’s that awesome.

    Now, I got this idea at work. Percentages and weights never entered my mind because I knew the consistency I wanted- it had to be squeezable through the lip tubes from TKB. Don’t hate me, I have needs, people! You can adjust it to a pot as well. The best part- it’s adaptable to your skin type.

    So, first thing, you’re going to need your Essential makeup base. Then you’ll need the following: hemisqualane, silica spheres, vitamin E, and a lightweight Oil like argan, jojoba, grape seed, etc.

    I started out small, but I knew I wanted my tube filled! So let’s give you the smaller amount, then you can adjust as you would like.

    2 grams Essential makeup
    1/16 tsp silica spheres
    1/16 tsp hemisqualane
    1/32 tsp oil (this can be increased to get the creaminess you prefer.)
    3 drops of vitamin E

    Mix in small pot or in a ziplock bag so you can squeeze it into a tube, unless you’re awesome enough to have a syringe to help fill the lip tube. You can add more oil to mix by 1/64 tsp until it reaches the consistency you prefer. I like mine to be like a soft cream consistency.



    I FINALLY made my own mineral makeup after purchasing it from a local supplier (Happy Hippy) for 4 or more years! Yay!

    It took several tries because I was using just plain old brown oxide and not dark brown (from Saffire Blue). I was judging the Make It Up colour with the colour of the one I’ve been purchasing from HH. In the HH version I purchase Fair Medium Neutral and the Make it Up colour is almost mocha in Fair Medium when I compare it to the more peachy HH in Fair Medium Neutral. But MIU Fair Medium completely neutralizes the red undertone of my skin without giving it the yellowish tinge of the old brand. I LOVE IT!

    I have one question though… if I sweat while wearing it (I wear it almost daily because it also protects my rosacea-ed face) which is almost a given at this time of year, my face starts to sting. Any idea why? The only thing I don’t add to the base is the one optional ingredient. I’m wondering if it’s the oil. I use serum on my face and then apply the makeup and maybe it doesn’t allow my pores to breathe? I’m sure it won’t be a problem in winter, but just wondering.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


    Hi Kathym, I know the exact feeling…my face will sweat and when I’m wearing the makeup my face gets prickly feeling and I’m tempted to rub it for relief. I did some research- Susan at swiftcraftymonkey blog mentions that zinc oxide can help with that feeling. It’s already in the base, but next time I make the mineral makeup I plan to experiment with just a bit more zinc oxide. I hope that helps! Here is the link:


    Thanks for this C!

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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