I love good pancakes. Who doesn’t, really? Other than most simple combinations of starch a processed cheese food, pancakes are about the only thing you can feed a picky toddler. They are truly a universal crowd pleaser. But my oh my, for something so simple and universal, can they be done badly. Oh dear. Flat, soggy, and way too salty are my top three sins, followed closely by not cooked through, not salty enough, and plain old tastin’ nasty.

A few years ago I found a recipe I’m pretty darn happy with. It was served me well, and I have never been tempted to stray. Until now. I found this post on Pinterest, and I was intrigued. Before I knew it I had re-pinned and was looking for an excuse to cook up a batch of pancakes. And last weekend, that excuse (Sunday morning) appeared.

There aren’t many differences between this new recipe and my old standby. But then again, with so few ingredients, and only so many ratios that will give you something that actually qualifies as a pancakes, the differences never are that remarkable. These new ones have a bit more liquid, more sugar, and plenty more vanilla. Less salt, too.

And you know what? They were pretty perfect pancakes. They cooked up easily, very nice and thick and fluffy, and super enjoyable on the whole. My family devoured them. A batch easily feeds three people that are very enthusiastic pancake eaters.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Mom Grind for the recipe and try them yourself!

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