Shine can be a wonderful thing—we love it in jewellery and bathroom faucets, lip gloss and silver. But faces? Less so. Kamila got in touch a few months ago asking for solution for oily skin. She told me she was having to re-apply her make-up halfway through the day and was very frustrated with the entire situation. So, I devised this translucent anti-shine powder, designed to be put under and over make-up, as a touch-up powder through the day.



The first ingredient in the powder is clay—something skin toned works great, as does kaolin with a wee bit of iron oxides to get it closer to your skin tone. First off the clay helps absorb excess oil and moisture, which is the primary purpose of this powder. As a plus, it helps detox pores, helping to prevent any acne that might be caused by the excess oils.

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Arrowroot starch helps ensure the powder goes on translucent. It’s also absorbent and feels nice and smooth on the skin—apparently it’s used as baby powder in some countries!


Rosehip oil is a drying oil, meaning it won’t add to the greasy problem. Cucumber botanical extract powder is astringent, and is known to tighten and refresh tired skin. Lastly, a bit of optional tea tree essential oil, to help with acne, if desired.

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Translucent Anti-Shine Powder

1 tbsp zeolite, white kaolin clay (USA / Canada), or Australian beige clay (or another smooth clay that is close to your skin tone)
1 tbsp arrowroot starch
5 drops rosehip oil
1 tsp cucumber powder
3–5 drops tea tree essential oil (optional)

Begin by putting on your dust mask. Blend all ingredients together in your DIY coffee grinder. Let the grinder rest with the lid on for at least 5–10 minutes to allow the powders to settle before opening so you don’t inhale a cloud of dust.

Decant into a sifter jar. To use, lightly dust or pat over oily areas as needed.