Last year I looked at Halloween costume ideas for your Little Black Dress, so this year I thought I’d look at blue jeans—another wardrobe staple, and one that is gender neutral.


Paul Bunyan
Blue jeans, a plaid shirt, and some species of small blue stuffed animal (an ox would be preferable, but I think this costume could be pretty funny with a blue cat or something else less accurate). If the stuffed animal is not blue initially, a $5 box of fabric dye from the drug store will fix that quite quickly.


A Cowboy
This is perennial favourite in Calgary, the city where everyone dresses as a cowboy for ten days each July. Anyhow, the cowboy has to be one of the easiest costumes around, and if you don’t live in Calgary, it will likely look far more original. Choose a specific cowboy character if you like, or go as a generic (or made up) one. Jeans, a plaid shirt, a leather vest or jean jacket, some cowboy boots, and a hat, and you’re set. If you have some chaps, something denim that’s lined with sheepskin, or a gun holster, that’s just gravy.


A 1980’s era Calvin Klien Jeans Model
It was Calvin Klein who made denim sexy by tightening things here and there and pulling up the crotch seam. It was positively scandalous. Today, less so. Anyhow, all you really need is a pair of old Calvin Klein (or rip-off) jeans, a cropped white tee, and your hair in your face. And smoulder. Done.


Frazzled Suburban Mom
Start off by going to Value Village in search of the oldest, most awful, pleated pair of jeans you can find, and then build your costume around that. If the shirt already has stains, awesome! Can you find a giant, ugly purse that you can stash an assortment of random kid-related items in? Score! Finish it off by putting a pair of glasses on your head and start conversations by asking if anybody has seen your glasses.


80’s Adolescent Model
You know those girls that always smiled out dreamily in soft focus from early teen fiction novels and shoe ads in the late 80’s? That’s who I’m talking about. It should be easy to assemble this costume at any Value Village. Start with a pair of high waisted (preferably dyed) jeans, and add a multi-coloured tracksuit jacket or embarrassingly printed sweatshirt. Assemble some brightly coloured jewellery, and crimp a section or two of your hair. Finish the look with blue eye shadow and braces.