Satin Massage Oil

When giving a massage you want an oil that adds slip for an extended period of time, but isn’t unpleasantly greasy. It’s also nice if it’s easily malleable in the hands (I’ve seen pure coconut oil used for this purpose, but never liked how you have to scoop a hunk of it out of the tub before using it) and has a satiny finish on the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated and happy (though really, how could anything not be happy post-massage?!). This massage oil came about as a result of my experiments with olive wax, after noticing how much play time many of the various experiments had on the skin, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

How to Make Satin Massage Oil


Luminous Summer Body Oil

I’m pretty excited about this lovely Luminous Summer Body Oil—it’s got some pretty neat stuff going for it. While one certainly can make (and I definitely have) a super-simple body oil by simply combining mica and oil, I wanted to make an extra lovely body oil. I wanted a body oil that had amazing, silky slip, a beautiful dry-touch finish, and some seriously great-for-skin oils. If you want to keep it simple and leave out the extras you definitely can, but if you like body oils and want to try an extra-awesome one I can’t recommend this Luminous Summer Body Oil enough ✨

How to Make Luminous Summer Body Oil


Soothing Oat Bath and Body Oil

This soothing oat bath and body oil was born from a recipe request from Claudia, who loves Aveeno’s Skin Relief Shower and Bath Oil. She said that it was fantastic for dry winter skin and even helped with her son’s eczema. Taking a look at the ingredients, first first one is mineral oil, so it’s not hard to understand why she’d prefer a more natural alternative (that and the $30 for 300mL/10fl oz price tag!). So, let’s make ourselves some Soothing Oat Bath and Body Oil!

How to Make Soothing Oat Bath and Body Oil


How to Make Romantic Massage Oil

I don’t think you need me to tell you that this time of years is at least a little nuts. Between holiday shopping, work commitments, visiting family, and winter weather complicating the simple act of leaving the house (for me, at least), this time of year tends to leave me feeling simultaneously wound up and wrung out. It’s also an odd time for the social calendar—people you haven’ t seen in months pop up, and others come home for a visit. It’s easy to find yourself with far less time for your special somebody in order to make time for everybody else.

How to make Romantic Massage Oil

That’s definitely been happening to me. Between work, social commitments, book writing, house guests, and other rather mundane things, it’s been really hard to find a time when both my boyfriend and I are free. That leaves me wanting to make sure what time we do spend together is great, but not wanting to complicate things at an already complicated time of year.


Lavender & Labdanum Body Oil

One of the first things I discovered when I started drifting towards the natural/DIY side of things was body oil. Well, technically it was a massage oil that my parents had received as a slightly-too-hippy-scented housewarming gift, so I made off with it. But it was basically just jojoba oil with some essential oils in it, and it was awesome. After argan oil, it was my first experience with applying straight oil to my skin, and I liked it. It was brilliant for my dry winter skin, and very little went so very far. I hoarded that bottle of oil for months until I finally figured out how to replace it.



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