We went to Golden, BC a few weeks ago, and it was fantastic. So much fun! We camped, climbed, and went mountain biking. I bought copious amounts of raw honey from a great roadside shop (more on that later), got some much needed sunshine, and enjoyed the stunning scenery. We also enjoyed some delicious camping and road food, and while everything was delicious (as it tends to be when you’re camping and famished), this sandwich really stuck out.


This sandwich happened on our drive home. We’d just stopped for a beer and a plate of very disappointing sweet potato fries, so we were heading home with empty stomachs and an unmet desire for sweet potato fries (we sent them back). As we drove through the mountains I dug through our cooler for sandwich supplies, and these sandwiches are what I came up with. And they’re fantastic.


Creamy avocado, garlicky hummus, tangy goats cheese, and crunch sprouts on a seeded roll make for a fantastic lunch or dinner—frankly, it’s a sandwich I actually want to make and eat frequently, which is amazing as I am pretty “over” sandwiches after a couple decades of soggy packed lunches. A few grinds of pepper or some Spirit of Africa and you’ve got yourself a delicious sandwich. Yum!


Hummus, Avocado, and Sprout Sandwich

1 seedy whole grain roll
2 tbsp garlic hummus
1 tbsp herbed or plain chèvre
1/4 ripe avocado, sliced
2 handfuls of mixed sprouts

Halve the roll. Spread one surface with hummus, and the other with chèvre. Layer slices of avocado, top with the sprouts. Enjoy!

I had one with sweet potato fries when I got home because I felt cheated.

I had one with sweet potato fries when I got home because I felt cheated.

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