As you may have deduced, I work at We sell outdoor gear, and it’s awesome. My coworkers are brilliant (and great fun), and there’s always something to laugh about in the office. I recently re-did our corporate identity document and tweaked our colours, brightening them up and modernizing them from when they’d been originally selected back in the late 1990’s.

I’ve been supplying our office with soap since I started working there, and I decided it was high time we had branded soap for our office. Our core company colours are orange, white, and a nice navy blue. I finally had the oxides for creating the colour, so I set off to make some soap. As an office we had more or less agreed on some sort of citrus-y scent, so it ended up being a grapefruit/lime hybrid as that’s what I had on hand.

Live Out There Soap

30% olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada)
25% beef tallow
25% refined coconut oil (USA / Canada)
5% castor oil (USA / Canada)
15% avocado oil

5% Superfat

Water soluble titanium dioxide for the white, ground extra-fine in a coffee grinder
Yellow & red iron oxides for the orange
Buriti oil for the orange
Blue & black iron oxides for the navy blue

Lime essential oil
Grapefruit essential oil

Follow my basic soap making instructions for a great bar of soap, with these notes:

  • Be sure to get a super thick trace; the soap should be almost as thick as peanut butter. This way you’ll have distinct layers.
  • Separate the thick soap into three separate containers
  • Add the colourants to each container. Start slow and work your way up to the colour you want in the end.
  • Layer in a prepared mold by gently pouring in one colour at a time. You can swirl them together if you like, but I wanted layers.