This recipe may not be all that romantic, but I can promise it’s wonderfully practical. It yields hard white bars that are inexpensive to make and nicely bubbly. The bars shred down beautifully into soapy flakes and bits that make great laundry powder and cleaning concoctions. I like to ensure I always have a few bar aging in my basement. It’s not sexy, but it’s practical.

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I’ve included stearic acid as a bit of an experiment. I bought it for liquid soap making, and now that I have so much of it I thought I’d see what else it’s good for. The internet told me it’s good for hardening up soaps in relatively small concentrations, and I thought these bars would be a good place to test that hypothesis. If you don’t have any on hand, just replace it with more lard or beef tallow.

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If you like to make your own laundry detergent, or you need to attack a stubborn stain, these bars are just the thing. I’ll also have a few recipes for cleaning products using these bars coming out in the future.

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Simple Cleaning Soap

49% lard or beef tallow
50% refined coconut oil (USA / Canada)
1% stearic acid (or just round the lard up to 50%)
5% superfat (unless you’re using this for laundry soap, in which case 0% is best)

Calculate your recipe using SoapCalc to get your final, finite amounts of the fats, lye, and water.

Follow standard soap making procedure.

Let saponify for 24 hours before un-moulding and slicing. Let cure for a minimum of three weeks before using. Enjoy!

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