I’m feeling really tired and overwhelmed these days. I don’t know if it’s because it’s winter or what, but I feel like I’m running around like mad, barely managing to keep on top of my to-do list. It feels like everything is piling up and all I want to do is turn off my phone and watch Netflix in bed. I did a dumb yesterday; I was filming videos, so I temporarily turned off the furnace so it wouldn’t be whirring and groaning in the background audio. Then I went out for the night and forgot to turn it back on, and when I got back it was 8°C (46°F) in the house. Brr. I remember making a mental note to turn it back on before leaving, but I clearly didn’t, and boy did I feel like a dolt when I waltzed inside and wondered why it didn’t feel as warm as it should. Duh. And ugh. I spent the rest of the day hanging out in my jacket and toque and feeling like a proper idiot. Anyhow, that led to the need for these London Fog bath salts—so I could take a nice hot bath and crawl into my pre-heated bed and hopefully fall asleep without feeling like I was winter camping.

In keeping with my not wanting to do a whole lot as I was freezing, this recipe is quite a simple one. The bulk of it is baking soda and Epsom salts. Baking soda helps soften the skin, and Epsom salts are great for sore muscles. I also added a few good-sized scoops of coconut milk powder to really amp up the latte part. You could definitely use a different kind of milk powder if that’s what you have—cow’s milk or goat’s milk powders would both be great choices.

I added some safflower oil and olivem300 to the salts so you get some added skin hydration, and the olivem300 helps emulsify the oil into your bath water so you don’t have to worry about slipping as your bath drains away. I’ve included some alternatives to olivem300 in the recipe if you don’t have it 🙂

For the essential oil blend, I’m obviously channeling the super delicious London Fog—a tea latte made with Earl Grey Tea, vanilla syrup, and steamed milk. For the Earl Grey part I’ve used palmarosa essential oil (which smells like tea) and bergamot (for that bergamot note). Benzoin brings that sweet vanilla note, and the milk powder rounds it out with the steamed milk note. Yum!

Once you’ve got all the ingredients, these London Fog Bath Salts come together in a flash. They smell great and are a wonderfully easy way to treat yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Trust me—I would know 🙂 They create a lovely milky froth the surface of the water to start with, and the bath water feels extra lovely; a touch more substantive than plain ol’ water. It’s smooth and rich and luxurious, and I’m a big fan. Make these London Fog bath salts. They’re awesome.

London Fog Bath Salts

1 cup baking soda (USA / Canada)
3/4 cup powdered coconut milk (USA / Canada)

2 “blobs benzoin essential oil
7 drops palmarosa essential oil
10 drops bergamot essential oil

1 tbsp Olivem300 or Polysorbate 80 (USA / Canada)
1 tbsp safflower oil or other lightweight, inexpensive oil

2 cups Epsom salt (USA / Canada)

Measure the baking soda, coconut milk powder, essential oils, olivem300 (or alternative), and safflower oil into a food processor or blender, and blend everything together. You’ll probably have to scrape down the sides a few time to get a good, even blend.

Dump the baking soda mixture into a big bowl and stir in the Epsom salts. And that’s it! I filled a 1L (two pint) mason jar with the salts. Depending on how generous you’re feeling with your salts you could do two to three baths with them. I wouldn’t increase the batch size or keep them around too long as they’ll have a tendency to clump, especially if you live somewhere humid (or store them in a humid bathroom). Definitely avoid putting them in a jar with a narrow neck/mouth as the salts can clump up below the neck and then you won’t be able to get ’em out.