As far as easy meals go, this one might just strike the perfect balance between easy, versatile, quick, and delicious. If you’ve got the ingredients on hand it comes together about as quickly as a sandwich, and then just requires some unsupervised grilling time.

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It’s easy to whip up the dough on the weekend to have a bucket of it on hand during the week, and I’m filling this bad boy with my favourite Smokey Corn, Black Bean, and Honey Salsa (plus cheese). I’ve usually got a jar in the fridge, and I have it for meals often enough that I figured I might as well just own it and cook it into something rather than just having an accidentally dinner-sized pre-dinner snack of it like usual.


I’m using the double-sided grill I picked up at a garage sale for this. It’s a sort of George-Foreman-esque grill, and it makes waffles to boot. If you don’t have one, you can just bake this in the oven, but the crust will have a different texture.

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Once you’ve rolled out your dough, all that’s left is to fill it and grill it. I like a layer of cheese, a healthy scoop (or 4) of salsa, and then more cheese. Some torn spinach would also be delicious.

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Fold, seal, and grill. The grilling takes about 20 minutes, and it’ll hiss and steam as your dinner is cooked to perfection. It comes off the grill golden and amazing, with a crispy, tender crust and a gooey, warm filing. Do it. You know you want to.

Grilled Black Bean & Corn Calzone

1 peach-sized ball of pizza dough
Flour, for rolling & dusting

1/3 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup Smokey Corn, Black Bean, and Honey Salsa

Preheat your double-sided grill to medium high heat.

Roll out the dough, dusting with flour to keep things moving, until you have a piece that’s roughly twice as wide as the depth of your grill (so when you fold it in half it just fits). The dough should only be about 5mm/1/5th inch thick.

Leaving enough room around the edges to fold the dough over to seal, fill the dough with the salsa and cheese. Fold the dough in half and pinch & fold to seal. Work quickly so the dough doesn’t wet out and fall apart.

Carefully move the sealed calzone to the grill (a big spatula/pancake flipper is great here), close the grill, and cook for 20 minutes. It’ll hiss and steam, that’s ok.

Once it’s golden and smells divine, remove the calzone form the grill and let cool for at least five minutes before eating (I learned this one the hard way).

This is also super yummy served with sour cream and guac.

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