Debbi has been encouraging me to smear my face with raw honey as of late, and I have to say—I liked the idea. I’ve read a lot of fantastic things about raw honey. It’s a fantastic natural antibiotic ointment (it’s also anti-fungal and anti-viral), a humectant (it attracts moisture), an anti-inflammatory, and it’s loaded with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and healthy bacteria. Perfect for healing up, err, imperfections and encouraging your skin to behave itself.


I decided I wanted to give the honey a bit of a boost, especially since I have a lot of bee-type ingredients. I started with aloe vera, which is a fantastic all-around healer, just like raw honey. Then bee pollen, which is said to contain every vitamin except vitamin K, and is supposed to help with inflammation related skin disorders like psoriasis. Lastly, propolis, the substance bees assemble to clean, seal, and sanitize their hives.

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The final mask was pretty runny—perfect for painting on with a brush. I learned fairly quickly not to coat it on too thick above my eyes or mouth as the mixture drools downwards courtesy of gravity. Let it dry for 20 minutes or so before washing off with a warm, damp cloth. Your skin will feel soft and lovely 🙂


Honey Bee Facial

1 tbsp raw honey
2 tsp aloe vera juice
1 tsp bee pollen
5–10 drops bee propolis

Warm the raw honey a bit in the microwave and then slowly whisk in the aloe vera juice. Once it’s thoroughly combined, whisk in the bee pollen and propolis. Paint it on with a foundation brush (and give it a good washing afterwards).

Mmm, gooey!

Mmm, gooey!