I love having curly hair, but I’m not a big fan of using heat to get it. My love of Titanic inspired me to try pretty much every method of heat-free hair curling around. Foam rollers, straight bendy foam rollers, rag rollers, and finally, pin curls. The foam rollers left me with strangely cylindrical Shirley Temple style curls, while the rag rollers left me looking, well, also like Shirley Temple.

So, pin curls are awesome. They’re all precise and lovely. And not at all like Shirley Temple. Much more like Rose. Which is exactly what I wanted.

All you’ll need for pin curls is a stock pile of bobby pins, a spray bottle of water, a comb, a big hair clamp/clip for sectioning off your hair, and even more bobby pins.

Starting at the back of your head, separate off 1cm sections of hair. Comb it out, squirt it with a bit of water. Starting at the roots, wrap the hair section around two fingers. Shimmy the wrapped hair off your fingers and pin it down. And repeat. Sleep on it, take the pins out, et voila!

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