I’m really excited about this brightlighter! I know I seem to be saying that a lot these days, but it’s true. I feel like I’ve figured a few great things out over the last few months, and I’m having tons of fun with those discoveries. This little stick is fantastic—it instantly brightens your face and eyes, and it smells like chocolate thanks to the cocoa butter (USA / Canada) it’s made with. It’s great for quickly pulling yourself together, and since it’s in a tube it’s perfect for throwing in your purse or gym bag.


It’s smooth light, with a slight pink hue and just the slightest hint of shimmer. It blends easily into your skin, and is light enough that you can easily layer it to work up to the tone you need. I love it around my eyes (under my eyebrow, dabbed on the inside of my eyes by my tear ducts, and under my lower lash line), and in a “C” shape above my eyebrow and then down and around, and across my cheekbones.


This stick is formulated for warmer weather (I’ll be making another, softer version come winter), so if you live in a colder climate (I’d say an average temperature lower than 20°C) you’ll want to drop a gram or two of beeswax.

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And the best part? Tubes of similar stuff sell for $30/10g at Sephora. Ha. Booyah.



4g | 0.14oz beeswax (USA / Canada)
7g | 0.25oz capuacu butter
5g | 0.17oz cocoa butter (USA / Canada)
8g | 0.28oz grapeseed oil
1g | 0.03oz magnesium stearate

¾ tsp titanium dioxide
½ tsp sericite mica (USA / Canada)

½ tsp silver mica
1/32–16 tsp red iron oxide (I use these tiny measuring spoons for tiny measurements like this)
Tiny speck blue ultramarine

Melt the beeswax, cupuacu butter (USA / Canada), cocoa butter (USA / Canada), grapeseed oil, and magnesium stearate together in a small saucepan over low heat.

Blend in the titanium dioxide and sericite mica (USA / Canada). Add the sliver mica, and oxides to reach a light, slightly cool shade of pink. You’ll need to do quite a bit of blending and smearing of your flexible silicone spatula along the bottom of your saucepan to ensure the micas and oxides break up and incorporate evenly.

Pour into lip balm tubes—it’ll fill four. Let cool and enjoy your new little “I swear I’m awake!” stick.