These homemade massage bars are great. They come together in an instant, mold wonderfully into any shape you need, and melt right at body temperature. The beeswax and cocoa butter (USA / Canada) smell wonderful, and they do a great job of moisturizing your skin and slicking up a massage. They also store really well, assuming you’re not living in Australia during the summer.

I find measuring cups make great molds for these bars; you can pour a centimeter or two of the molten mixture into the bottom of a cup (proportionate to the size of the cup). Once it sets up, the bar will pretty much just fall out. For smaller applications, I’ve found little silicone chocolate molds do quite well. That’s what I’m using for these ones; they’ll make great stocking stuffers wrapped in a bit of cellophane like a candy.

Homemade Massage Bars

1 part beeswax
1 part cocoa butter (USA / Canada)
1 part liquid oil
Essential oils, as desired

Melt everything together. Add essential oils and pour into molds. Allow to set up. Use for massage and/or moisturizing.